Thursday, 28 April 2011

Journey to the Southwest of England (2)

Day 2:

Another nice and sunny day down south-west.

Land's End, Penzance

After, a lovely day trip to the most south-western tip of England, we headed back to Plymouth for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Yukisan.

The Hoe, at night

Located near the seafront of Plymouth, in the Barbican area, Yukisan is amongst a row of shops on a quiet street.

Yukisan Restaurant

This restaurant has a very nice ambience and provides three 'distinct dining areas'.

Green tea

Green tea was served in a very pretty oriental tea pot and cups.


We ordered Suzuki (seabass) and Grilled salmon (with Japanese Mayonnaise) sushi to start. The sushi was very well made and authentic. The raw seabass very fresh and very delicious with perfectly cooked sushi rice (mixed with vinegar) with a hint of wasabi hidden in the middle of the sushi. The grilled salmon was also very nice where the fatty layer of the fish was grilled, giving it a very fragrant and some smoky taste.

Fried Scallops

We also had the Crispy deep fried scallops with home made dressing. This starter was really exceptional as we never imagined that scallops could be cooked and presented so beautifully! The nest-like thing was deep-fried noodles housing the scallops which gave us a surprise as we bite into the 'housing' we found the scallops right in the middle of it! The whole dish was beautifully presented with red cabbage and thinly shredded carrots and radish.

Roast duck sansyou

My housemate AT ordered the Roast duck sansyou pepper sauce with rice pilaffu. An absolutely beautifully presented dish (though the photo did not do it justice). The roast duck was very nicely seasoned and crispy but a little bit too overcooked to my liking. The rice pilaffu was very delicious and full of flavours. £17.50 for this dish is well worth it for the quality and the quantity of duck breasts served!

Seafood Udon

The Udon noodles in soup with seafood my mom ordered was super delicious!

All 3 of us tried it and had the same expression:" HHhhhmmmmmm........hao chi..hao chi...hao chi...hao chi...hao chi..." (HHhhhmmmmmmm.....yummy...yummy...yummy...yummy...yummy...)

The mussels, prawns tempura, scallops were absolutely fresh and delicious. The soup was simply delightful and full of flavours, so sweet that it must have been boiled with very fresh seafood for hours and hours, with a hint of sweetness and earthy taste of the Shitake mushrooms.

Stir-fried monkfish

I had the stir-fried monkfish with spring onions and ginger which was amazing! It was not the typical Chinese-style stir-fry that I expected. First of all, the monkfish was very nicely cooked, not too well-done, giving a very smooth texture and easy to chew on. The young corn, carrots, asparagus heads and onion tempura in the dish complimented the monk fish really well. A beautiful dish that went really well with nicely cooked Japanese rice.

Even the salad with home made dressing was very delicious. The dressing was made from passion fruit and had a sweet and sour taste to it which increased our appetite. Yummy!

A Japanese restaurant, one of the best I have been to in the UK so far, that I will definitely visit again!

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