Saturday, 9 April 2011

Home-cooked Is The Best

红烧酿豆腐 and 地瓜粉蒸肉

2 more down and 43 to go!

My house-mate is on a mission today and made 2 more new dishes from her cookbook!

One of them is my very favourite stuffed tofu and it reminds me very much of home. Every time I go home, I never fail to request for this dish and now I can have it in Cardiff!

Holes made in the tofu ready to be stuffed with minced meat mixture. The stuffing was made with minced pork, chopped spring onion, chopped ginger, cornflour,  egg and seasoned with soya sauce.

The stuffed tofu ready to be cooked!

The stuffed tofu was brushed with egg then fried meat side down in hot oil in a pan. Then chopped garlic was stir-fried to fragrant before adding the tofu, water, soya sauce, sugar and cooked until the sauce is reduced to 2/3.

红烧酿豆腐  by AT

Garnished with chopped spring onions, a lovely dish of tasty stuffed tofu. The stuffing was well seasoned and full of flavours. Though, the tofu was a bit rough compared to what we normally have back home, but good enough that we can at least find tofu in this country!

Stuffing inside the tofu

The next dish is something entirely new with combination of ingredients we never tried before - 地瓜粉蒸肉

If you literally translate 地瓜, it says 'ground melon'. As to why sweet potatoes are called by that name, I really have no idea.

This dish is made of diced pork belly meat, boiled sweet potato, chilli, spring onion and a surprise ingredient - frozen cooked white rice. These ingredients were marinated with Chinese cooking wine, spicy bean paste sauce, chopped ginger, five spice powder and soya sauce. Then the whole dish was steamed until cooked then seasoned with white pepper and sesame oil.

地瓜粉蒸肉 - by AT

A lovely spiciness to the dish complimented with sweetness from the sweet potato and lots of flavours from the marinated pork belly. A well executed dish - Yummy!

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