About me

A born and bred Chinese Malaysian (Christian) who surprisingly cannot take very spicy food, who loves God first, who loves photography, who loves cooking,  who loves food, good food.

From home-made food to restaurant food. From hawker store food to gourmet food.

I enjoy experimenting with new recipe and cooking new dishes or making new desserts. Having lived in the UK for almost 10 years, I do try to make the dishes I used to have back home albeit the difficulties in finding the right ingredients at times. The good thing is, I like making Western dishes, therefore being in the UK is just the right place to get the right ingredients. Hence, I hope to record my experience and journey in the process of cooking these new dishes in this blog.

I also enjoy going out for a meal and will travel miles and miles in search of good food. Having travelled to many countries in different continents, I have tried food of many different flavours from many different cultures and they each have their distinct style of cooking and presentation. Therefore, my aim is to capture all the looks and flavours of food I have tried on my travels in this blog.