Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Wings of Gallus Domesticus

On the menu tonight is......

照燒雞翅 - Grilled Chicken Wings

照燒雞翅 - by AT

Grilled Chicken Wings by AT

A beautiful dish equally tasty and you can smell it from miles away!

A lot of effort was put into it as each ingredients were prepared and cooked separately then plated step by step in the dish.

Once this dish was served, the first thing that hits you is the fragrance of fried shallots. The crispy things that Chinese likes to use in garnishing dishes as it adds flavour, smell and looks nice on a dish. And it is the crispy texture that goes so well with each bite of the chicken wing as it is just so fragrant!

The chicken wings were very delicious and full of flavours from garlic, white wine vinegar and shallots. The sauce in the dish was fantastic with rice as it has all the essence of the dish, infused with all the flavours of the chicken marinate and seasoning.

A simple everyday dish that tastes absolutely delicious!



Chicken wings
Soya Sauce, White wine vinegar, Sugar, Salt and Olive Oil
Garlic and Shallot


Marinate the wings with soya sauce, white wine vinegar and sugar for at least 15 minutes.

In the meanwhile, cook the broccoli in salted boiling water drizzled with some olive oil.

When the broccoli is nearly cooked, drain and drizzle with sesame oil and place on a plate.

Heat the frying pan then fry the chicken wings (without oil) until 50% cooked on each side.

At the same time, fry some chopped garlic and shallots on a separate pan then leave it to cool.

Then add the sauce (soya sauce, rice wine vinegar and sugar) to the chicken wings, cover the pan, turn to low heat until wings are cooked thoroughly.

Once cooked, plate the chicken wings on top of the broccoli then pour the sauce onto the dish.

Dinner is served.

PS and 41 more to go......

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