Monday, 11 April 2011

Full Welsh Breakfast

 @ Cafe Bar Mayo

It is always lovely to have a Monday off, and since we got a voucher to have full Welsh breakfast for 2 at a very good price of £3.60, we went out early-'ish' to Cafe Mayo to claim the voucher.

This place has been short-listed for the Welsh cafe of the year award for the past two years. It has a lovely ambience to it and is nicely decorated. I have been here a few times before, a few years ago, with church friends but have never had the chance to go there since.

They normally serve breakfasts, sandwiches, paninis, cakes, fresh soups and of course coffee and other drinks.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate topped with fresh cream and marshmallows with a swirl of chocolate syrup is absolutely amazing!


The pretty looking, 3-layered, latte is just nice and milky. A very nice cup of coffee!

Full Welsh Breakfast

The full Welsh breakfast looks like a heart attack coming any time, but it is so good that having it once in a while should be alright!

My favourite on the plate was the crispy hash brown potato and crunchy toast dipped into the runny egg-yolk of the sunny-side up. Yummy!

If only we can have a full breakfast like that every morning, wouldn't it be nice?

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