Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Journey to the Southwest of England (1)

A lovely 4-days trip to the Southwest of England of course includes wonderful food, especially fresh seafood.

Day 1:

The Hoe, Plymouth

After strolling along The Hoe and The Barbican in Plymouth, we went into The Platters for dinner. This restaurant located by the seafront has a very 'local pub' feature and serves very fresh seafood.

The Platters Restaurant

Complimentary Bread Basket

Platters Ciopinno

The Platters Ciopinno - In the shell, king prawns, crab claw, mussels and fish in a tasty tomato broth. This dish was absolutely amazing and tasty with very fresh seafood and the broth was very sweet with flavours from the fresh seafood and tomato.

Big Crab Claw

The crab claw was very huge with very juicy and fresh crab meat. Yummy!

Seafood Risotto

Seafood risotto with mussels, prawns, scallops and kalamari was full of flavour. The risotto was cooked very nicely, not too soft and not to hard, full of fresh seafood flavours with a hint of tomato and chilli - Delicious! I like the fact that they used very fresh and big scallops and prawns!

Platters Seafood Grill

Platters Seafood Grill - Five different species of fish, different everyday! I believe they were salmon, plaice, haddock, and 2 other fishes that I could not recognised. However they were nicely grilled and nice with a squeeze of lemon juice over them.

With all the 3 dishes recommened by the waiter, we had almost eaten, (Quote) "All the different types of seafood they have in the restaurant." (Unquote).

The seafood was so nice and fresh that we finished them all although we only had cream tea less than 2 hours before!

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