Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Weekend of Feasts (2)

Part Two - The Berkeley

Saturday was my housemate's birthday so we decided to celebrate with style and glamour!

We woke up early to drive from the airport into Trafalgar Square, Central London, where our hotel is located - The Trafalgar by Hilton. My very first time driving into the very centre of London, quite an exciting experience and pleasant as there were not many cars in the early hours.

Weather was very nice again on Saturday with warm sun and slight breeze. So we went walking along St James Park towards Buckingham Palace before going to Harrods. After that, we arrived at The Berkeley Knightsbridge for our pre-booked afternoon tea - Prêt-à-Portea

The Prêt-à-Portea, is "The Berkeley London designer afternoon tea, inspired by the themes and colours of the fashion world. Serving mouth-watering delicacies with a fashionita twist". A very interesting concept, producing very beautiful miniatures.

The Berkeley Knightsbridge

Afternoon Tea Menu

Tea Set

We had the Wild Blossom and Berries tea served in fine-bone china by Paul Smith for Thomas Goode. The whole tea set looked very charming and beautiful while the tea was very fragrant with scent of flowers and wild berries and tasted equally as nice as it smelled!

Teacup with Strainer

Miniature Sandwiches

We started off with a selection of miniature savoury sandwiches which include (from left to right) miniature egg mayonnaise burger, tuna mayonnaise sandwich, cucumber and creme fraiche sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich and a very tasty chicken wrap skewer. Very delicious and well balanced flavours and textures.

3-Tier Delicacies

Then out came our beautifully made 3-Tier Delicacies which include

Bottom layer - savoury taster spoons, elegant canapés, 2 shots of honey dew melon juice. 

Middle layer - Miniature designer's inspired cakes.

Top layer - Designer's inspired cookies and 2 shot glasses of mousse and jelly. 

Bottom layer

On the bottom layer (clockwise from top left) - taster spoon of quinoa salad in baby artichokes, grilled mixed vegetables canapé, lobster mango nori wrap and wyagu beef with pepper skewer.

My favourite was the quinoa salad in baby artichokes as it was very refreshing and has a crunch to it with each bite!

Middle layer

On the middle layer (clockwise from top left) - Peach coloured Victoria Beckham sponge cake tote with chocolate crocodile print, Tory Burch strawberry and rhubarb bavarois dress with flattering gold button detail, Marc Jacobs raspberry and lychee cream jumpsuit with oversized chocolate flower belt and Red-carpet favourite Chloe praline clutch topped with gold chocolate beads.

The Tory Burch strawberry and rhubarb bavarois dress was absolutely gorgeous! The bavarian cream infused with rhubarb and strawberry was very refreshing and citrusy which goes really well with the sweet sponge-cake-like top and button detail.

The Chloe praline clutch was very amazing! A very tasty praline chocolate cake, not too sweet, executed perfectly!

Top Layer

And on the top we have (left to right) the Tom Ford light pink chiffon summer dress biscuit with rose icing and sparkly silver cuffs, Sell-out Miu Miu vanilla bikini biscuit with navy icing and signature white bow and Black and white chocolate striped 'Bellel de Nuit' inspired by Roger Vivier high-heeled shoes.

Top layer

Last but not least, (left to right) Stripped Prada summer dress of papaya, redcurrant and blueberry mousse, topped with pate de fruit, Jill Sander colour block dress of creme de menthe and coconute jelly with must-have sparkly sunglasses.

To take away

We had so much food that we were given a very pretty box to take away the remaining cakes!

A very nice experience, wonderful ambience at the Caramel Room, very tasty and beautiful food!

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