Saturday, 30 July 2011

Griddled Lemon Sole with Lemony Couscous

Doesn't this dish sound very familiar?

It most definitely does! Remember my previous post?

It was the Griddled Chicken with Lemony Couscous!

I like the dish so much so that I tried to make a twist to the original recipe by swapping the chicken with lemon sole and adding some extras to the dish!

Lemony Couscous

I really liked the lemony couscous cooked in chicken stock and mixed with toasted pine nuts, lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley. A lovely accompaniment to the lemony lemon sole!

Lemon Sole


I bought some lovely white and black skinned lemon sole from the supermarket. After seasoning with salt and pepper, I griddle-pan-fried the lemon sole fillets in butter and olive oil.

Just a few minutes on each side and the lemon sole was ready to be plated on a bed of lemony couscous. Garnished with some lovely, fragrant, chopped up flat-leaf parsley and served with a couple of lemon wedges where lemon juice can be squeezed onto the fish just seconds before eating - hhhmmmmmm.....simply delicious!

With green beans, bacon and cherry tomatoes

On the side, I also blanched some green beans and topped them with crispy bacon pieces sauteed with butter and olive oil. The seasoned cherry tomatoes roasted in the oven were really juicy and oozed out the wonderful, vitamin C-rich, tomato juices with each bite.

Another lovely dinner done in under 30 minutes! Happy days!

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