Friday, 15 July 2011

Seafood - Chinese Style!

My housemate is on a 'special chinese dish' cooking spree again!

This time we had the -

糖醋魚 Sweet and sour fish


橙花鲜蟹肉 Orange stuffed with crab meat


Few weeks ago, I was shopping in Tesco in the daytime (for a change) and the fresh fish stall was still open! So I headed straight to the stall and had a look at what fish was on offer. I was very delighted to see some fresh Tilapias, bought two and went home to freeze it until one of us decided how to cook it.

Not long later, we invited a friend over for dinner and my housemate decided to cook her famous sweet & sour fish dish using the Tilapia.

Sweet & Sour Tilapia by AT

A very appetizing looking dish which emitted a very wonderful fragrance, we just could not wait to dig in!

'Head' view

Deep fried Tilapia with sweet and sour sauce poured on it and garnished with fried and caramelised onions. A very delicious sweet and sourly taste, where the sourness is not the same as that you can find in the usual sickly sweet and sour chicken dish, the sourness was more of a chinese black vinegar type taste and the sweetness was not overwhelmingly sweet.

All I can say is 'HHHhhhhmmmmmm.....' a very delicious fish through and through!

The next dish was the steamed orange stuffed with orange and crabmeat, where the ingredients were cooked inside a whole orange! It was one of the recipes found in a cookbook I borrowed from Cardiff library.

We have not been to the newly built library since it opened few years ago, and when I went there for the very first time I was very impressed with the beauty of the architecture and the completeness of its collection. What more can I say when they even stock chinese cookbooks written in Mandarin!?


Orange and Crabmeat inside

Stuffed Orange by AT

We have heard of and actually eaten some dishes where fruit and seafood was put in the same plate but we were not sure what this dish would taste like with the combination of crab and orange?! Surprisingly though, it was amazingly delicious and tasty!

The acidity of the orange just cuts through the sweetness of the crab meat and the whole dish was very tasty. A very unique dish indeed!

I am definitely looking forward to more seafood dishes!

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