Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cardiff Food Festival

I have recently been to the London Taste Festival in June, and in July, I went to Cardiff's very own food festival in Cardiff Bay. I have not been to this event for several years and decided to go this year to have a look how it has changed.

It was a very sunny Sunday - perfect weather for a big event like this!

Free entry into the event, lots and lots and lots of people, live band was quite a well organized event! With more stores than the last time I went there and much better food stalls!

Mermaid Quay

Rum&raisin brownies

Lovely looking brownies which tasted equally tasty.

A walking chick in eggshell!

Cakes and puddings!

Lovely display of desserts, cakes and puddings in the glass cabinet was really tempting!

Curry and chick pea

Black Steak Burger

HHHmmmmm.....delicious black steak burger by award winning Graig Farm, topped with onions, mayonnaise and tomato sauce..yummy!

Duck burger

Duck burger, exactly like that one I had at the Riverside Farmer's Market....because it was the same stall! Simply delicious!

 I have never seen so many people in Cardiff Bay!

Fig and Masala Ice cream

A wonderful day out on a lovely day.

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