Sunday, 10 July 2011

Griddled Chicken with Lemony Couscous

Looking for a very easy and quick dish to cook, I found a recipe in deliciousmagazine UK. This recipe was another one of the six best chicken dishes from the magazine.

A very simple recipe to follow and quick to cook. The recipe claims that it would only take 10 minutes from start to finish to make. Not quite true, but 20 minutes, in reality, to cook a meal is considered rather fast for me.


Griddled chicken

A very very easy dish to make! First, I beat the chicken breasts with a rolling pin until flat, then seasoned with salt and pepper before frying on a griddle pan. When the chicken is almost cooked, I added some chopped parsley to add flavour.

The cous cous is even easier to make. Cous cous was mixed with hot chicken stock and set aside for 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes I added olive oil, lemon juice, toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley to the cous cous then season with salt and pepper.

Lemony Couscous and blanched green beans

20 minutes later, we get a very pretty looking dish which smells really nice. With a squeeze of lemon juice over the chicken, we were ready to tuck in to dinner. The chicken breasts was nice and tender from the beating before being cooked. The chicken also had nice chargrilled taste and the lemon juice just enhanced the flavours of the meat.

The lemony couscous was also very delicious and had many different textures and flavours from the different ingredients. A perfect match for the chicken!

Yummy! This shows that you can still have a nice and healthy meal even when you are very busy!

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