Saturday, 6 August 2011


- stuffed.

Dragonfruit has become increasingly popular back home in recent years and we can now find them in UK supermarkets.

Dragonfruit is a beautiful fruit that looks like flames of fire. It is packed with nutrients and low in calories! The fruit is mildly sweet and has a nutty taste to it.

A very nice fruit eaten raw and I never thought that it would be so delicious cooked with seafood!

Another special dish made by my housemate (I think I have lost count how many she has made now).

Stuffed dragonfruit by AT

Dragonfruit stuffed with dragonfruit meat, scallops and bell peppers.

I like dragonfruit, I love scallops and I am not generally inclined to eat bell peppers BUT the mixture of all three with some ginger and cooked inside the dragonfruit is just amazingly delicious!

Scallop, bell peppers and fruit

A very beautiful looking dish that tastes absolutely delicious!

The sweet and light 'seafoody' taste of scallops, the mildly sweet and nutty taste of dragonfruit with some crunchy texture from the black seeds, the sweet, tangy and sharp flavour of bell peppers with slight spiciness from the ginger...hhhmmmmmm....delicious! An amazing combination of different ingredients that you would never imagine could match so well together!

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