Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rice Cake in a Bowl

 米糕碗粿 made by AT
On Saturday, I had the priviledge to eat one of my favourite dishes with glutinous rice! 

It has the shape of an egg pudding, the appearance of chinese tea-cakes but it is neither one of them.

This dish is actually a Chinese Dim-Sum dish made up of my favourite ingredients in Chinese cuisine. It is mainly made up of glutinous rice, shitake mushrooms, pork and dried shrimps.

Rice Cake by AT

All the ingredients were cooked separately then compacted into a cup/container which is roughly shaped like what you see in the photos then steamed.

Then the rice cake was popped out of the cup like how you would shake an egg pudding out of its container.

Not only does it smell incredibly nice, the rice cake was a bag full of flavours from the earthy mushrooms, seafoody dried shrimps, sweetness and saltiness from soya sauce. The glutinous rice was very tasty as it is one of the types of rice that would soak up flavours easily.

Yummy! I would not mind having another one again soon!

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