Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Boiled Rice with Seafood, Meat and Egg 滑蛋三鲜烩饭

滑蛋三鲜烩饭 by AT

People always say:'A picture says a thousand words'. So I suppose my two pictures say two thousands?

Well, the two words I have for the above dish are - beautiful and delicious!

This Chinese dish is another one of the many recipes my house-mate is trying to re-create from 2 cookbooks she bought recently. The first 2 dishes she has made are here, 3rd dish here and the 4th dish here.

A very pretty looking dish and equally tasty but yet very simple to make!

The dish includes ingredients like Flammulina or Enokitake Mushroom, french beans, lettuce, pork meat, prawns and 1 egg per plate.

The pork and prawns were marinated with soya sauce.

Each ingredients were individually sautéed for about 10 seconds then removed from the wok. Then each ingredients were fried together with fish sauce for flavouring. After-which, cornflour dissolved in water was added to give the dish a shiny look and also to enhance the flavours.

The cooked ingredients were then added to a plate of rice and finally the yolk of one egg was added on top of the dish before serving. The egg yolk was then quickly mixed in with the hot rice and ingredients. This action helps create another dimension to the taste of the dish where the egg is not over-cooked and this also adds a shiny appearance to the dish.

A wonderful dinner after a hard day's work.

P.S. 5 dishes done and 45 to go!