Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Lazy Weekend Menu

Here comes the end of the week. After a week-long of hard work, nothing is better than a heart-warming, mouth-watering, home-cooked meal!

Does a nice home-cooked meal always mean lots of toiling in the kitchen? The answer is...........most certainly NOT!

After shifting through my new issue of 'deliciousmagazine' and tagging a few recipes that I like, I decided to cook this simple dish on the weekend.

Nigella's lazy weekend menu - Roast Duck Legs with Potatoes.



Searing Duck skin side down

Ready for the oven

Roast duck leg with potatoes
Searing the duck skin-side down not only leaves a very crispy skin and lock the juices inside the duck meat, but also brings out the natural fat/oil from the duck which leaves a very lovely aroma and flavour to the dish.

Potatoes diced into even 2cm cubes were arranged around the seared duck legs in a hot roasting pan. A few sprigs of thyme were spread over the duck and potatoes which were then seasoned with sea salt and pepper before putting into a pre-heated oven.

As the dish was cooking in the oven, the aroma from the thyme, the fat from the duck and the roasting potatoes filled the entire house!

Two hours later, we get a very tender duck with extremely crackling skin and absolutely crispy potatoes! Of course, some boiled mix-vegetable to provide our daily 5-portion of fruit & veg.

5 minutes to prepare and 2 hours in the oven - easy to cook with very little hassle producing a yummylicious weekend meal!

Honey Dew Melon with Sago

Recipe from a blog that I follow.


Honey Dew Melon

Honey Dew Melon with Sago

After a nice warm meal, it is always very refreshing to have a nice cool dessert.

A delicious dessert made from fresh fruit and coconut milk then cooled in the fridge is just heavenly. The sweetness of the melon juice and sugar syrup is so soothing and the milkiness of fragrant coconut milk is just amazing. The boiled sago adds another dimension of texture to this lovely dessert, making it thicker.

Served cold, this dessert --> yummylicious!

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