Sunday, 6 March 2011

Coq au vin

Coq au vin - a 'French braise of chicken cooked in red wine'.

 My food adventure has brought me to French cuisine this time! A very classic and simple dish but very delicious and full of flavour!

*Another recipe extracted from deliciousmagazine by Hermione Norris.

 Even though this dish involved a lot of ingredients, herbs and seasonings, it is rather easy to make.

Red wine

I selected this Australian red wine for its sweet and fruity taste.

Pot of chicken and various items
Each ingredients were carefully handled. First the chicken was jointed then coated with seasoned flour before frying in olive oil and butter. Then strips of bacon were fried in the same frying pan until crisp, after which a clove of crushed garlic was added. Peeled whole shallots were fried until brown before adding the mushrooms to fry until soft. All these ingredients were added succesively into a big pot.

Once the ingredients were added into the big pot, red wine, homemade chicken stock, tomato paste, sprigs of thyme and bay leaves were added.

 The casserole was brought to boil then allowed to shimmer for about an hour until the chicken was cooked through and tender.

Coq au vin

The wonderful and sweet aroma of the wine, herbs and chicken filled the kitchen.

Coq au vin (2)
A nice and thick sauce from the reduced red wine and chicken stock. The chicken was tender and juicy and had absorbed all the flavours of the sauce. All the wonderful flavours from the fried bacon, sweetness of shallots, garlic, sourness and sweetness of tomato paste, herby bay leaves and thyme, and also the fruity punch from the red wine. All these flavour leaves a lingering taste in your mouth with each mouthful!

Served with rice

Lots of sauce served with rice, so delicious that it leaves us wanting more rice to go with it!

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