Saturday, 19 February 2011

Spicy Seabream 紅燒魚

This is no ordinary fried seabream. This is SPICY seabream!

Contrary to popular believe that a Malaysian can take spicy food, I am one Malaysian who cannot take very spicy food!

But I must say this is one spicy dish that I enjoy - Spicy Fried Seabream.

A well executed dish with very well balanced flavours. 

The seabream was fried to perfection, giving a crisp fish skin and fish meat cook just nicely. 

The slices of chillies and ginger creates 2 different sensation of spiciness that hits your mouth briefly but does not linger to give an after-taste (which means I can actually eat this spicy dish!). The slices of spring onions give a sweet onion-like taste and kind of 'softens' the spiciness of the dish. 

A delicious dish that goes really well with rice!

紅燒魚 by AT

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