Saturday, 26 February 2011


'Bully's restaurant

We waited with anticipation to try out this long established restaurant in the centre of Cardiff City!

A restaurant serving traditional French dishes cooked from Welsh ingredients. A very interesting combination whetting one's appetite.

Entering the restaurant, we were greeted by very friendly members of staff who showed a nice smile and extended a very warm welcome.

As we were seated at our table, I noticed that the restaurant's deco has a very rustic ambiance with beautiful chandelliers hanging on the ceiling, collectibles on the walls - a very personal touch by the owner.

To start our evening meal, we were treated to a pre-starter of concentrated tomato soup and homemade bun. The homemade soup was really tasty with a very well balanced sweet and sour taste from the tomatoes, so concentrate that it was like drinking the essence of the tomatoes. The homemade bun had a very thin and crispy crust but yet surprisingly soft centred with some linseed. A very appropriate pre-starter to open up one's appetite for the next course.

Home cured citrus salmon, petite salad, flat Italian parsley oil

Thai crab-cakes with homemade chilli sauce
The starters were very beautifully presented. The cured citrus lemon has a smoky taste to it and very well complimented with a citrusy flavour. A very light start leaving one to anticipate the next course.

The Thai crab-cakes have a very Asian feel and taste to it. Well seasoned and well complimented with homemade chilli sauce to bring out the seafood flavours of the crabcakes. A well executed dish!

Woodlands Pork Cutlets

Medallions of Welsh Black Beef Fillet

The Woodlands pork cutlet in white wine sauce was well cooked. The only let down was that after the 2nd or 3rd cutlet, we began to taste the bitterness of the sauce coming from a vegetable lying in the middle of the dish that we could not identify. Nonetheless, another friend thought that it was not that bitter but in fact the vegetable brought a kind of fragrance to the sauce. Therefore, whether this is a great dish or not, is an acquired taste and is subject to one's preference of tastes in food.

Next up is the medallions of Welsh black beef fillet, French beans, dauphoinise potato, carrot tempura, Brazilian pink peppercorn and thyme sauce. This restaurant is also famous for its Welsh black beef fillet dish. I ordered the beef fillet to be medium to well-done, therefore not as juicy as it could have been but still very tasty from the lovely peppercorn and thyme sauce. The carrot tempura was nicely excuted with a very crispy crust, up to the standard of an authentic Japanese tempura. The dauphoinise potato also had a very nice touch of cripsy cheese topping complimenting the cheesy soft layers of potatoes.

Overall, a very nice dining experience with nice food and superb service though a bit pricey.

PS: The entire restaurant had very soft lightings and almost dark, therefore even using a 1600 ISO with very slow shutter speed, I still could not get a sharp photo for each of the dishes. 

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