Thursday, 24 February 2011


First comes the smell......
Then you look and see the masterpiece......
Finally you get to savour the dish!

A dish lacking any one of the elements cannot be considered a great dish.

Therefore, we aim to have all three elements in our dishes while cooking our dinners. It is always a blessing to enjoy good food after a hard day's work!

绿花椰烩鸡球 - Braised chicken balls with broccoli

This dish smells absolutely fantastic, so good that it makes you want to go have a peek to see what's cooking.

Then you see a very pretty dish with lots of chicken balls nicely piled up on a bed of broccoli inviting you to have a taste.

The braised chicken balls tastes absolutely amazing and full of flavours.

绿花椰烩鸡球  by AT
Broccoli pieces was boiled and dried then arranged in a circle on a serving plate.

The chicken was cut into pieces then marinated with soya sauce, one beaten egg, cornflour and white pepper. Oil was heated in a wok then the chicken pieces was added and stir-fried for about 10 seconds then removed from wok. Then oyster sauce was heated in the wok until fragrant then garlic, chicken and some water was added and stir-fried till the sauce is dried. The chicken pieces soaked up all the flavours from the garlic and various sauces.

The chicken pieces oozes sweetness from the oyster sauce and soya sauce bringing some saltiness, wrapped in the fragrance of fried garlic - absolutely amazing!

Finally, the chicken pieces were served on top of the broccoli bed.

蒜泥蝦 - Garlic Prawns on glass vermicelli

Another dish that smells good, looks good and tastes good. On first impression, I thought the dish looked like eggs on a bird's nest and it smells wonderful!

蒜泥蝦 by AT
Glass vermicelli was soaked until soft then soya sauce was added and mixed well into the vermicelli on a plate.

The heads of the prawns were removed and then slice along the back of the prawns so that they will open up beautifully once cooked. The prawns were then arranged nicely on top of the vermicelli.

Oyster sauce, sesame oil, chinese wine and sugar were mixed well then poured onto the prawns then steam the dish for 5 minutes until the prawns are cooked.

Finally, heated oil was poured on the prawns to bring out the fragrance and to enhance the taste of the prawns. Then diced spring onion was used to garnish the dish and it's ready to be served!

The fragrance of chinese wine and sesame oil, the sweet and salty taste soya sauce brought a lot of flavours to this dish and enhances the taste of the prawns and glass vermicelli. Yummy!

2 Dishes done and 48 to go!

I am very blessed to have a housemate who can cook good food and is getting better and better!

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