Thursday, 9 September 2010

Singapore Food Adventure

Singapore 5th-7th September 2010

Singapore, first impression, very clean. Second thing that came in to mind, buildings are very impressively built, unique architecural design. Thirdly, of course...the food. As with many big cities, you can basically find any cuisines from around the world in this small and vibrant city.

The few that I have the privilege to taste are as below:

新加坡大虾面 - Singapore Big Prawn Noodle

Singapore big prawn noodle (literally translated from it's chinese given name). We found a cafe specialising in this dish right below the hotel we stayed in. We ordered one with pork ribs added and that gave another dimension to the taste of the soup. The prawns were really fresh while the pork ribs were cooked well until tender.
Mixture of deep fried items

A mixture of fried items including fishball, dumplings (云吞) and stuffed beancurd sheets. A simple plate of food but absolutely delicious!

Crab roe sushi

Friends always told me that one can get really nice and cheap Japanese food, especially sushi, in Singapore. Of course, I must find some whilst I am in Singapore! Hence, we walked into one while browsing in Funan Digitallife Mall. The place is called Sushi Don. It has a 'sushi train' running in the middle of the restaurant but one can also order from the menu. This restaurant also serves Thai and Korean Food. During our stay in Singapore, we found many Japanese restaurants doting the city. You can find at least 2 to 3 in every shopping mall!

Unagi Nigiri

Salmon Ball

Of course, on the final evening before we leave Singapore, we had food in a really nice restaurant called Cafe 2000, M Hotel.

The restaurant serves semi buffet dinner featuring over 30 appetisers and desserts. The appetisers include fresh seafood on ice, soup, sate, fried chicken, salad bar, pasta ordered to cook and so on. While the dessert section features cakes and pastries.

A selection of fresh seafood as appetiser

Medium cooked Angus steak served with mashed potato and stewed seasonal veg.

A selection of cake, pastry and mousse for dessert

Two days trip in Singapore is just not enough for me to try all the cuisins, so, Singapore, I shall be back for more in the future!

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