Thursday, 9 September 2010

Home Sweet Home 2010 - Part 1

Home, the best place to be, and of course, the best food to have!

From coffee shops to restaurants, from hawker store to home cooked food. Where every new shopping mall opens, the first businesses to open up is definitely food places! You can always find food anywhere in KK no matter what time it is. Here are the few food I had in the first few days upon arriving home.

A coffee shop in Penampang New Township
Pork chop noodles
The pork chop served in this shop is absolutely delicious, very thin layer of crusted skin fried almost to perfection. Crunchy at the first bite and the meat is tender when you chew further into it.

Fried banana and cempedak fritters

Chocolate Deluxe Waffle - Chocolate syrup and Peanut butter
Chicken floss and mayonaise waffle

Amongst the hawker stalls food that I have tried, this is one of my favourite hawker stall food - banana and cempedak fritters! Every trip back home, I must have this food!

Big Apple Doughnut (USA) serves many different flavoured doughnuts including, strawberry, green tea, chocolate hazelnut, cheese and chocolate + peanut butter! yumm!

Another one of my favourite dish, Bah Kut Teh, pork meat, ribs, internals cooked in chinese herbs. This dish is also served with tofu and the 'fried flour sticks' above.

Stuffed tofu - raw
Stuffed tofu, egg and beancurd sheets

Home cooked food
Curry chicken
Surely, my favourite among the favourites is my mom's home cooked food! The stuffed tofu is one of the famous Hakka delicacies. The stuffing is made of minced pork, prawns (sometimes minced fish), shitake mushrooms and seasonings. Tofu is also known as beancurd, according to Wikipedia, Tofu is a food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.

That's all for now, and more to come!

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