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Taipei Food Journey Day 2

16 September 2010

Day 2:

En-route to catch the bus heading for the National Palace Museum, we found this shop serving hand-pulled noodles.

Noodle Chef at work

Using flour, eggs and some water the noodle chef kneaded and pulled the flour until it become strings of noodles. Customers can order flat or fine noodles and the chef will knead the noodle dough accordingly.

House Special Noodle

The House Special Noodle is 'dry' noodles in homemade sauce. The noodle is served with chopped long beans and minced meat with some of chopped chillies. The mixture taste salty with a hint of sourness from pickled vegetable. The dish also contains half a boiled egg and steamed Pak Choi.

Chinese Dumplings
Dumplings stuffed with minced pork
Chinese dumplings - skin made from flour and stuffed with marinated minced pork. The dumplings served in this shop is absolutely delicious! As you bite into the dumpling, the skin is so soft, soup oozes out into your mouth and the minced meat is full of flavours.

Gelato ice cream selection
Hazelnut flavoured gelato
After lunch, of course we had to have dessert. Gelato is an italian style ice-cream with a soft texture. The hazelnut flavoured ice-cream we chose tastes like fresh hazelnuts and was cutely decorated. Even the crushed peanuts on the ice-cream taste nice!

On our second day, we went to another night market called Shilin Night Market:

Small 'biscuit' wrapped in big 'biscuit'
Shredded/blended ice served with red bean and pudding
Small 'sausage' wrapped in big 'sausage'
Big fried chicken
The are many many stores in the market which sell food, drinks, desserts, clothes, accessories and some games stores.

Small 'biscuit' wrapped in big 'biscuit' - is crushed crispy biscuit wrapped in a pan-cake like 'biscuit'. Customers can choose different flavours to be added to the biscuit. The one showed in the picture was black sesame flavoured biscuit. This combination of biscuits creates different layers of texture as you bite into it.

Small 'sausage' wrapped in big 'sausage' - is chinese style frankfurter wrapped in glutinous rice shapped into hotdog buns. Both the 'sausages' are charcoal grilled. The dish can be served with homemade spicy sauce, fried onions or spring onions.

Last but not least, the star of the market is the big fried chicken! Anyone who visits Taipei cannot miss this dish! It is called BIG fried chicken  because it is really huge. One serving consists of the almost half a chicken. The batter used is a secret recipe created by the shop. The fried chicken is deep fried in very hot oil hence creating a fried chicken with very crispy/crunchy skin while the breast meat retains its juiciness! yum!

To be continued in Day 3

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