Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Taipei Food Journey Day 1

15 September 2010

Taipei city, Taiwan.

A very friendly and clean city.

One will never go hungry in this city, everywhere you go, on every street you can always find food. Cheap and good food. This trip, I was on a quest to find highly recommended places that serve the best food in Taipei. These places were either recommended  by friends, websites or travel guide books. Each area are famous for certain delicacies/dishes.

First stop,

Taipei Da An area. We found a family run noodle shop just round the corner of our hotel. Their specialty is the beef noodle soup.

Beef Soup Noodle

Braised Beef Noodle Soup sprinkled with spring onions
The beef soup/stew has been shimmered for hours, the fragrance and beefy taste of the soup comes with every mouthful of the dish. The homemade noodles was very chewy and cooked to perfect softness. You just keep wanting for more and more noodles. One interesting thing we found about this shop is that customers can ask for one extra FREE serving of soup and noodles if they wanted more.

Of course, one must go to the many night markets around Taipei city. You can find many shops selling clothes, accessories, shoes etc and many food stalls outside these shops.

We went to the Raohe Night Market on the very first evening.
This night market is famous for the chinese herbal medicine stewed pork rib.

Pork ribs stewed in Chinese herbal medicine
The rib has been stewed for hours that the meat simply drops off the bones when you chew on it. The meat is full of taste absorbed from the chinese herbal medicines and you can also taste the sweetness from Goji berry added to the soup.

Oyster omelette
 The oyster omelette is also very popular in Taiwan. It is basically fried egg filled with oyster and served with tomato-like sauce. We found out from a local resident that they actually use a lot of corn flour in this dish which gives the jelly like texture in the omelette.

‘Tofu Fa'

Bean curd dessert made from soya milk, a kind of tofu coagulant. Nice served hot or cold. This is one of my favourite dessert! Those that I found in Malaysia are always served plain. But in Taipei, we found that you can add red bean, green bean, or 'pearl' and some sweet syrup poured in. Pearl is a popular jelly-like chewy balls made from potato flour and milk powder. This dessert is absolutely delicious and refreshing.

to be continued in Day 2

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