Saturday, 11 September 2010

Home Sweet Home 2010 - Part 2

It did not stop raining all Friday. We booked for a hot pot meal at Kampung Nelayan Floating Market Seafood Restaurant, Tun Fuad Park.

Hot pot, also known as steamboat, refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table (wikipedia).

Hot Pot filled with Chicken Soup and grill pan
Fish balls, squid rings, stuffed tofu, fish cakes etc

Tofu and Veg.
Hot Pot cooking
The floating seafood market restaurant
 Hot pot is a fun way for family and friends to cook together, chat and have fun. The process of putting raw food into the pot or grill pan, cooking and waiting for the food to cook is fun and entertaining. All the seafood, meat and veg cooked in the soup add lots of flavours for cooking soup noodles at the end! Another fun part of having a hot pot is that you can basically add any edible food into the pot/grill and cook to your liking - seafood, meat, veg, mushrooms, dumplings etc.

Lunch next day-

Roast Duck rice
Roast Pork Belly rice
Roast Pork Rice
Bought from a popular shop in Lido, there was a long queue, partly due to Hari Raya holiday, but mostly due to the very nicely roasted meat. Despite all, my mom managed to buy the very last pack of roast pork belly rice! It does not only look good, it tastes absolutely fabulicious!

Roast pork belly - The crispy first layer of pork belly skin, the soft second layer of fat and the tender third layer of meat is absolutely mind-blowingly delicious!

Roast duck - The crispy thin layer of skin, taste of thick juicy duck meat teamed with the specially made sauce...eeemmmmmm...

Roast Pork - Roasted to tenderness with a little bit of charcoal taste to the meat. Served with thick dark soya sauce mixed with leftover sauce from the roasting pan. The sweet and savoury taste is a perfect match!


Carrot and pork rib soup
Mom's very own home-cooked radish and carrot soup shimmered with pork rib and peanuts. Cooked for more than an hour to enhance the sweetness of the soup! Absolutely homely and warm to have...

香芋扣肉 - Steamed pork and yam
One slice pork, one slice yam
Another one of my favourite Hakka dish! Three layered pork belly slices and yam slices. This dish has always been passed on from generation to generation within Hakka families. Steamed with a concoction of sauces, spices, herbs and other ingredients, one has to try it to know how delicious it really is!

more to come in part 3..perhaps more Hakka dishes to come...

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