Monday, 3 January 2011

Yaki Niku Korean Restaurant

My friend Joy was visiting us in Cardiff and we went to a Korean Restaurant on the outskirt of Cardiff. The restaurant is part of a Break and Breakfast run by a Korean family and this place serves authentic Korean cuisine.

Pickled Vegetables
Yum Yum Chicken
Yum yum chicken is like the name says...very yum yum! Deep fried chicken wings with sticky sweet honey sauce dotted with toasted sesame is just superb!

Ginseng Chicken

Ginseng chicken boiled in the claypot for several hours is not only very nutritious but also very delicious. The soup was nice and light while the chicken was succulent and filled with the flavours of the soup boiled with ginseng, dates and some other chinese herbs. The whole chicken was also stuffed with glutinous rice which is one of my favourite!

Korean BBQ of marinated meat. We ordered the pork belly slices marinated in sesame oil and chicken marinated with rosemary and thyme. BBQ meat with a smoky flavour was also really yummy!

Seafood Hotpot

Seafood hotpot was very well worth it as it was filled with lots of prawns, crabs, mussels and other seafood. As it was a bit spicy so I did not have much of this dish but overall it was a nice dish.

From hotpot

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