Sunday, 23 January 2011

Our Very Own 30 Minutes Meal

Every now and again me and my housemate treat ourselves to a very nice meal (though our daily meal is not bad at all). Cooking everyday (every other day to be exact because we take turns) can become a chore but we always try to make our meals enjoyable and with a different twist sometimes.

Last night, my housemate made a very simple 30 minutes meal comparable to 'Jamie's 30 minutes meal' dishes, if not better! Chop, dice, slice, marinate, fry, that order...we get a very nice dinner.

You must be wondering now what dish was made last night?

Mee Hoon Soup
 Mee Hoon (rice vermicelli) soup!

The main ingredients are chicken, tofu, tomoatoes, mushrooms and of course rice vermicelli or mee hoon. The chicken was first marinated with salt, flour, soy sauce and a bit of cooking wine. Then all prepared the ingredients were boiled in water with chicken stock until the flavours come out and you can smell the fragrance of it. Cooked Mee Hoon we bought from Tesco was put into two bowls and sprinkled with some sesame oil, then the soup was poured into each bowl.

The soup was extremely delicious. It has the sweet and salty taste of chicken stock and chicken bones, the sour taste from tomatoes and a very nice touch of sesame oil from the mee hoon. To perfect the dish, it was garnished sauteed shallots and garlic and this just brings the dish to life!

So good I had second helpings!

PS now I am looking forward to tomorrow's spaghetti with meatballs! so watch this space...

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  1. Esther, this is my kind of dish. I so want to have this for lunch during work. You know, something to look forward to. Any idea how to store it so it still taste nice ?