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Work Christmas Do at TGIF

*entered in retrospect*

08 December 2010

TGIF - An american style restaurant. We decided to have our work's christmas do here because not only their food is reasonably price, also because the food is fantastically delicious!

They sat us down at a nicely decorated table with helium-filled ballons, crackers, confetti, and even a plate decorated in christmas features (see photo).

The christmas menu offers signature TGIF dishes. For £19.99 only we get a 3 course meal, well worth our money!

Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips

To start, we ordered the Bruschetta and Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strip.

The bruschetta was made of "freshly toasted garlic ciabatta bread heaped with diced tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with Regato cheese." The bread, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, looks wonderfully delicious. Flavours well balanced with sweetness from tomatoes, sourness from balsamic vinegar with a tang from the fresh basil.

The Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips is a must-have starter! Chicken breasts coated in brown panko breadcrumbs and toasted sesame seeds, then seasoned with chilli flakes deep fried and tossed in the famous Jack Daniel's sauce. The chicken strips were crunchy to bite on and the meat was very juicy. Dipping the chicken strips into Jack Daniel's sauce was just perfect! Jack Daniel's sauce is perfect for marinating meat to be grilled or BBQed and it is also very popular as a diping sauce.

On to the main courses, we have Jack Daniel's Ribs, Jack Daniel's Shrimps and New York Strip Steak. As you may have guessed, all marinated, grilled and/or served with Jack Daniel's sauce.

New York Strip Steak
The New York Strip Steak - Medium to well-done. The steak was 21 day aged sirloin steak served with Jack Daniel's sauce on the side. At a glance, the steak look dry and a bit too well-done as we can see burnts along the outer edges of the steak. The person who ordered this dish quite liked it, and there was no complaints. So I would say that this dish is passable.

Jack Daniel's Shrimps
Jack Daniel's Shrimps - "Crispy, plump, Cajun-battered shrimps served with ready for dipping Jack Daniel's Sweet 'n' smoky glaze. The shrimps deep-fried in batter looks crunchy and juicy at the same time. Again, dipping in the sauce lifts up the whole dish and makes it even better!

Jack Daniel's Ribs
The highlight of the evening, was of course the very famous Jack Daniel's Ribs. "A full rack of baby pork ribs. Seasoned with Cajun spices then fire-grilled and glazed with Jack Daniel's sauce. Served with Cajun-battered onion rings and crispy fries". True to every single word as described on the menu! The pork rib was very well seasoned and was full of flavour. It has a very nice sweet taste from the Jack Daniel's sauce, and at the same time has a distinct chargrill and BBQ taste which makes it extra-ordinarily delicious! The meat was so tender and well cooked that you can just pull it off the bones by cutting it lightly with a knife. This dish is a must have when you visit TGIF. It is so fantastic that I had to post the next photo up to prove it...

Of course...there will always be room for dessert.

We had the Chocolate Brownie Temptation, Mocha Mud Pie and Tennesse Toffee Pie.
Tennesse Toffee Pie
The toffee pie was made of layers including toffee flavoured mousse, biscuit base with chocolate with caramel flavour sauces and honeycomb pieces. This piece is good but too sweet for my taste.
Chocolate Brownie Temptation
The warm glooey brownie with hot fudge topping is a must have for chocolate lovers. The layer of melted chocolate sauce on top of warm, nicely baked brownie, is the absolute comfort food. A nice way to finish a meal.
Mocha Mud Pie
The Mocha Mud pie is a little bit more sophisticated. Made of "lusciously light chocolate mousse and coffee ice cream, layered on delicious chocolate biscuits and finely crushed Orea cookie biscuits Drizzled with chocolate flavoured fudge sauce". Served chilled. Is a lighter dessert compared to the brownie, but equally delicious if you like a bit of coffee tang to your dessert. The different ingredients stacked on top of each other give a layered texture and taste to the dessert. Yummy!

Verdict - 10/10 for American cuisine!

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