Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nothing better than home-cooked meal

My dinner on Wednesday:

Introducing.............................Sausage with mash! My all-time favourite pub-food!!!

When we went food shopping at the supermarket the other day, I was craving for my favourite pub-dish. Remembering that I have got some, well quite a few, Marabel potatoes left, I thought that was perfect for my mash! So, off I go to find some sausages and frozen mixed vegetables. I bought two packets of Pork and Bramley Apple sausages which were on offer, and of course, sounded delicious!

Griddle-fried sausages on a bed of mash potatoes served with boiled vegetables

This dish is delicious and absolutely easy to make! Just shallow fry the sausages (I used a griddle pan to create nice looking lines on the sausages) on a frying pan. Fry as per instruction on the package. For the mashed potato, peel and cut the potatoes into smaller cubes and boil in water until soft. When potatoes turn soft, drain them and put them back into the pot. Add milk, butter, salt, pepper, and if you like, cheddar cheese then mash them up until soft and creamy. The wonderful thing with mashed potato is that you can add whatever flavours or other ingredients you like.

Gravy on Sausage with Mash
As the dish would be a bit dry, brown gravy was made and poured onto it. The gravy is really simple to make. Just buy a pack from the supermarket and add boiled water to the consistency you like.

~Ta~da~ a very nice dish for dinner is ready!

Sweet apple mixed with pork and made into sausages is just the perfect match. The mash was very smooth, creamy and buttery. To me, it is the king of comfort food!

My dinner on Thursday:

When my housemate shouted that dinner was ready. I ran down the stairs, as usual, I was always ready to have my meals! As I approached the dinner table, I saw a pot with lid on. My housemate then opened the lid and said: "Surprise! Look how beautiful the dish is!"

It was a new dish she was experimenting with. As she always say that I am good in making 'western dishes', she is in charge of experimenting with new Chinese cuisines.

Chinese hotpot.

The Chinese Hotpot - the name may not sound fancy, but the dish sure is fantastic, and of course, healthy! The pot consists of chinese cabbage, tofu, fish cakes, chicken thighs chopped to smaller pieces, mushrooms and gojiberries. Each ingredient is very nutricious, and they were added one by one, and arranged layer by layer. The pot was filled to 1/4 with water then the whole thing was seasoned with various sauces. Then chicken stock was added slowly as each layer of ingredients was added. So, this dish is almost like a soup.

After about 30 minutes of cooking with the pressure cooker, one can expect a very tasty dish. The aroma burst out when the lid was open, the soup tasted very sweet from the many ingredients and was full of flavours from the chicken bones, chinese cabbage, gojiberries and seasonings. The chicken pieces soaked up all the flavours and was really tender and succulent. While the chinese cabbage and tofu pieces 'lightens' the whole dish and of course provided 2 out of 5 portion of vegetable for the day.

Verdict - a smashing success!

NB: if you would like the recipe, please contact me and I will endeavour to get it for you!

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