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Mama MiaTheatre Outing

5th December 2010

December, the time to be festive! The cold winter and snowy season here makes the atmosphere very christmas-y. Hence I went for this festive burger from McD's aptly named the Festive Deluxe meal!

McD's I'm lovin' it :)
The Festive Deluxe

Festive Deluxe burger
The Festive Deluxe - "A 100% beef patty with a honey BBQ glaze, cheese, bacon, red onion rings, Batavia lettuce and smoky peppered mayo, all served in a square cheese-topped Facaccia bun". Beef patty was sweet and succelent nicely flavoured with melted cheese and peppered mayo. The lettuce and red onion rings added crunchiness to the whole burger. Verdict - 9/10 for a McD's burger!

Before the show:

For dinner, we went to a restaurant near the Millenium Centre - The Miller & Carter steakhouse-bar-grill.

The menus
The menu offers , as the restaurant name suggests, lots of different kinds of steak from different beef parts. All the steak meat was aged on the bone and allowed to mature up to a certain number of days depending on the type of meat. They offer ribeye, fillet, rump, T-bone, sirloin, definitely a rather wide range to choose from!

I have tried a few cosmopolitans in other places before and they bring a sweet taste. But the one I had here was more towards the bitter side, I should say, it tasted a bit like cough mixture! Maybe they added a bit too much liqour to my liking.

Fork & Knife for the steak

6oz Rump
I ordered a 6oz Rump steak, medium cooked, served with 5 mushrooms chasseur sauce. The dish comes with crispy homemade chips and salad.
 The steak was grilled with herbed butter, very succulent and the fragrance from the butter just increases one's appetite! The mushroom sauce was made with sauteĆ©ed mushrooms and shallots and a white wine reduction which is then simmered. It has a rich tomato, mushroom taste and was full of flavours perfect for the steak!

Baked Lobster

Baked Cheddar Mushroom
As my friends were not that hungry, they each orderd 2 starters.

The baked lobster was made of lobster meat in a classic thermidor sauce served in clamshells while the baked cheddar mushrooms were made of mushrooms in melted cheese with a crispy herbed crumbs served with garlic bread.

As I didnt taste either dish, I could not really comment on them but no complains from my friends means they are alright.

After the show:

Nothing better than a warm cuppa at below 0 Degree C.

We went to this cafe-bar called 'a shot in the dark'. A cosy, contemporary cafe popular amongst university students. The one good thing I like about this place is that it opens till very late in the night, and of course, they serve very nice coffees and food.

Hot chocolate
Nice, rich, hot chocolate made with hot frothed milk. Perfect!

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