Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mom's Own

Always the best!

For me, home-cooked meals are always the best!

This Braised Pork dish is so good that I thought it deserved a post all on its own!

Pork belly and pork rib braised (seared in high heat then cooked in liquid) with some hard boiled eggs.

The pork skin was rubbed with salt then seared in some oil at high heat. Some ginger and garlic was browned then star anise, peppercorn and the 'liquid' added. The 'liquid' that I mentioned consists of 'kicap manis' (sweet dark soya sauce), good quality brandy and some water until the liquid fully covers the pork.

PS Brandy was used here in place of Chinese Shao Xin Wine because we could not find any Shao Xin Wine in the supermarket!

Pork Belly

As the pork was cooking in the kitchen, the aroma filled the kitchen and was very iniviting!

Pork Rib

The braised pork was intended to be served the following day but it was so irresistible that we 'begged' (kind of) my mom to allow us some tasting session!

Braised Pork with Hard-boiled Eggs

Lo and behold, the pork tasted even better than it smelt! The very good quality brandy stood out but did not over-power the other flavours of soya sauce etc. A well-balanced seasoning and the layers of pork skin, pork fat and lean meat absorbed all the wonderful flavours and the meat was so tender that it flaked off with a touch of a fork - simply delicious!

Those wonderful hard-boiled eggs not only added texture to the dish, their mild taste also acted as a nice accompaniment to the very strong flavours of the dish.

I would not mind having this dish every day for a year, only if it will not affect my cholesterol level! haha

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  1. I so agree with you - homemade cooked meals are the best!