Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is the celebration of a new year according to the Chinese Lunar Calender. The celebrations usually run for 15 days and traditionally the Chinese people carry out different tasks on each day.

There are many activities during Chinese New Year like Lion Dance, playing Fire Crackers, going to the night markets, visiting friends and family, FEASTING and many more......

It is tradition to have 'Reunion Dinner' on New Year's Eve where people who lives in different parts of the country or the world go home to have a dinner, a feast to be exact, with family.

So this year I am back home, and the same as every year we all went to my aunt's place for dinner.

It was surely a spread of feast on the table with duck, chicken, pork, prawns, fish, vegetables etc

Tea-smoked Duck

Here, we have the Tea-smoked Duck which was cooked in three different steps. First it was covered with brown peppercorn then steamed, then it was smoked with tea leaves and orange peels before being fried to get a crispy skin.

A duck dish that tastes as good as it smells! The room was filled with aroma from the smoked duck, the wonderful smoky flavoured meat and crispy skin was absolutely delicious!

Duck - Plated

There was also the famous Hakka Cold Sliced Chicken. Simply boiled in soup, of course with a special technique to keep the chicken meat moist and retain its flavours. The important thing is getting the best ingredients and very fresh chicken to make a wonderful cold sliced chicken.

Chinese Cold Slice Chicken

This next dish is one of my favourite - 梅菜扣肉 (Fermented Dried Vegetable with Pork Belly)

A delicious dish with a bag full of flavours from the marinating sauce and the fermented dried vegetable. You can taste the saltiness from soya sauce and the acidity of the fermented veg cutting through the fatty pork belly. That is why this is my favourite dish!


With all those meat dishes, surely we need to have some vegetable to balance the diet. Here we have a stir-fry of mixed vegetables topped with the fragrant roasted cashew nuts to add texture - yum!

Stir Fried Mixed Veg. 

Then comes the seafood dishes. One of my favourite seafood dish - Butter fried prawns. These prawns are HUGE and I mean huge as they are larger than the 'King' prawns found in the UK! Stir fried with lots of garlic and butter, you can imagine the fragrance steaming out, and of course it tastes even better!

Fresh prawns with the flavour of the sea, rich buttery garlic taste....YUM!

Butter fried prawns

Oh, and this HUGE Pomfret fish too! It weighs around 1.5kg and looked a bit menacing but it is absolutely delicious! Steamed Chinese style with lots of spring onions, shitake mushrooms, soya sauce, sesame oil and sprinkled with some fragrant fried shallots, all these wonderful flavours!

The flesh of this fish was silky smooth but firm, a pleasure to eat!

Chinese-style steamed Pomfret 

Last but not least, my grandma's famous stuffed tofu. Another one of my favourite Hakka dish!

Tofu stuffed with minced pork then steamed, a very healthy dish but yet absolutely delicious!

This dish is always the favourite of the many grandchildren.

Stuffed Tofu

A wonderful spread of food shared with family!

Happy Chinese New Year to you all and be blessed!

CNY Spread

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