Sunday, 31 October 2010

Home Sweet Home 2010 - Part 3

Entered in retrospect, I only just realised that I have forgotten to make these entries of simply delicious food I had back home in September! Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the food that I have forgotten to share them but I must share them as they are just - simply delicious!

 'Kari Laksa' with a squeeze of lime juice...hmmm hmmm hmmm...there are many varities of laksa in Malaysia and this is the curry variety. Laksa is a coconut curry soup made of ground dried prawns and laksa leaves, served with noodles, tofu, prawns, fish sticks and sometimes chicken strips. Then garnished with coriander and served with sambal chili paste. There are even different varities of curry laksa in different parts of Malaysia! The dish tastes of chili spiciness and sandy texture from the grounded shrimp. Absolutey amazing! This dish is one of my favourites everytime I go home. It was introduced to me by my father. He found this in the Inanam district of Kota Kinabalu. I also like this coffee shop because I can order either small or big bowl of curry laksa. I must say that, a small bowl is quite enough to fill me up ;)

Dragonfruit, commonly found in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and sometimes Malaysia. Normally we find the variety of dragonfruit with white flesh, but this trip back home, we found some with purplish red flesh! This is a fruit rich in vitamin C, fibre and other minerals. The flesh is sweet with a hint of sour and has a slight crunchy texture due to the black tiny seeds. Very refreshing to eat!

Next stop, a popular destination for students, working class people and everybody else for a chat, meet up with friends or just simply a nice place to relax -Papparich. Serving 'Malaysian traditional delights' in a modern way.

 Red Bean Ice- Red bean dessert in blended ice and soya milk. Three of my favourite dessert/drink blended into one nice cup of drink! Very refreshing and cooling!

Cincau Ice- Grass Jelly served in blended ice, evaporated milk and topped with a swirl of fresh cream!
 Nasi Lemak- Literally translated into 'fat rice'. Traditionally served wrapped in banana leaves which gives it a very fragrant smell. This dish is served with cucumber slices, half a hard boiled egg, sambal chili paste, fried ikan bilis, roasted peanuts and fried drumstick in curry sauce. The rice was boiled with coconut milk, ginger and lemon grass which gives a very nice fragrance and taste. This is a national dish of Malaysia and mostly served as breakfast in coffee shops or sold at roadside stalls.

 Roti Bakar- 'Grilled toast'. Instead of using the toaster, this in-house-made bread is grilled on hot iron rods, giving it a crisp outer layer while retaining the softness of the bread. This one is served with a very thick layer of crunchy peanut butter = YUM!!!

 Roti Bakar served with evaporated milk. Again, YUM!

The very famous 'Iced Milo Dinasour'. Milo is a very popular drink in Malaysia, made of chocolate and malt powder, produced by Nestle.This particular drink is named 'dinasour' because of the amount of milo used to make it! It is made with many tablespoons of milo mixed with hot milk, then ice added to it. On the very top, many more tablespoonfuls of milo powder are added!

Fuchow noodle with fried chicken strips and minced pork. My favourite noodle dish! Found this in a foodcourt, not the best of the best fuchow noodle, but this will do as it is not easy to find in KK anymore!

Wonton Noodle -Dumplings stuffed with minced pork and chopped prawns, served with rice stick noodles. 

Beef tripes, beef meat and beef tendon served with rice stick noodles in beef broth. Very delicious! A popular dish in Kota Kinabalu, you can almost find one or two or more shops serving this dish in every district!

Last but not least. Mom's home-made rice wine prawn soup. Rice wine is a special Hakka wine made from fermented rice starch converted to sugar. Expecting women often takes soup made from rice wine during pregnancy up till a month after giving birth. According to Hakka tradition, this soup is very nutritious for expecting mothers.

Really cannot wait till my  next trip back home :)

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