Sunday, 31 October 2010

Chez Giovanni, Newport

Chez Giovanni, Newport.

My friends and I like exploring new places for food and this time we went to an Italian place to celebrate my birthday. Chez Giovanni is a family owned and runned restaurant which has won many 'Restaurant of the Year' Awards.

The restaurant was decorated in a homely atmosphere and looks like one of those taverns in Italian countryside. They serve several dishes which are not easily found around Cardiff/Newport. 

 We started off with Escargot, King prawns wrapped in smoked salmon, caviar and garlic mayo, and Funghi Trifolati.

 Main courses include choices of different meat with a selection of different sauces.

  Duck Rosa - made with cointreau, cream, ginger and rose wine. This creates a very rich sauce that matches well with roasted duck breast.

 Duck Arancia - Sauce made of wine, orange and honey. The duck breasts were grilled to give a very crisp surface and very juicy and succulent meat. The orange gives a tangy flavour to the sauce, perfect for a duck dish!

 Lamb shank with redcurrant jelly infused sauce. The lamb was grilled until the meat falls off the bone and there is a hint of rosemary to the sweet-tasting sauce. I would say a 7 out of 10 for the lamb.

  Filetto Giovanni - sauce made of peaches, cream, white wine and mushrooms. Steak cooked medium-well was tender and absorbed all the flavours of the sauce. The cream and white wine creates a thick and rich sauce while the peach gives a citrus twist.

The lovely Angelica gateau, not only beautiful to look at,  but also very delicious to taste! Ordered to make from Patisserie Valerie, a confectionary shop that sells hand made cakes, gateaux and patisseries. They have many Cafes around the UK but also make cakes to orders online. 

The Angelica gateau is absolutely delicious, not too rich and not too sweet, just nice after a heavy meal! Made of thin chocolate roulade sponge layers, chocolate cream, fresh cream and fresh strawberries (plus other fresh seasonal berries). Verdict - 10 out of 10 for a cake! yum!

NB: Many thanks to Michelle P. for getting me this cake. And to my friends who celebrated my birthday with me :)

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