Friday, 15 June 2012

A Classic British Treat

The Victoria Sponge - 100% Homemade.

A nice and easy cake to make and perfect for afternoon teas.

I used the recipe from deliciousmagazine, which required minimal ingredients.


Self-raising flour, caster sugar, egg, butter and a bit lemon to make the sponge and some bottled strawberry jam to make the filling (although it would be much better if you could make your own jam).

Cake mixture

Once the cake mixture is done, I divided it into two halves and poured into two spring-foam tins. You may put the cake mixture in one bigger tin. I chose to bake the two sponge layers separately as it is easier than cutting a big sponge into two equal halves.

Cake mixture in tins

Once the sponges are done, cool them on a rack before spreading any jam.

Sponges cooling


Strawberry Jam spread

Once the sponges are cooled, spread strawberry jam on top of the bottom sponge then put the top layer sponge on top. Alternatively, raspberry jam can be used instead.

Victoria Sponge

Most recipes add whipped cream to the cake, but I am making the traditional Victoria Sponge which do not include whipped cream.

The edges of the sponge look torn. Perhaps next time I should grease the cake tins more thoroughly, lift the sponges out carefully and then dust the top with icing sugar.

Nice and tasty afternoon treat, with the hint of lemon cutting through the light and buttery sponge. Lovely strawberry jam sandwiched in between. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Here are some more Victoria Sponge recipes from deliciousmagazine and the queen of desserts, Mary Berry.

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