Sunday, 20 May 2012

Souffle The Third

To fulfil a special request from a friend of mine, who really really wanted to try my soufflés......

My third attempt at making Lemon Soufflés and I think they looked much better than the first ones!

Exactly the same recipe by Mary Berry but slightly more cooking time as the ramekins I used were much bigger than suggested (possibly the reason why my last ones did not rise as much).

They rose beautifully, but to be a perfectionist, I still think they needed to be a bit more brown on top. Perhaps a couple more minutes next time!

I love those lovely little soufflés, light and fluffy with acidic flavour of lemon cutting through it. Simply delicious!

Perhaps I will be more adventurous next time and try different flavoured soufflés and even add some other ingredients in it.

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