Thursday, 26 April 2012

Red Skye Restaurant

On the third day of our Scottish holiday, my housemate and I embarked on a scenic route towards the beautiful Isle of Skye via Kyle of Lockhalsh.

Eilean Donan Castle

We passed by the famous Eilean Donan Castle in the Village of Dornie.

This place was exceptionally beautiful where the castle was set on still, clear- blue water with a magnificent backdrop of mountains and blue sky.

Luib, Isle of Skye

Then we continued on our journey cross the Skye Bridge into scenic Isle of Skye. It felt like we were in an entirely different world.

God's creation is just so magnificent and beautiful!

Elgol, Isle of Skye

With this beautiful backdrop, we chose to dine in a family-run restaurant located in Broadford  - one of the largest town in Isle of Skye.

Red Skye Restaurant - offering fresh and locally sourced Scottish produce.

Red Skye Restaurant

This restaurant is run by a very friendly couple. As soon as we parked our car, the lady owner pulled up behind us and gave us an enthusiastic wave.

When we got into the restaurant, the chef/owner gave us a very warm welcome from behind the pass of his kitchen.


As Scotland is well-known for its seafood, we went for the seafood dishes on the menu.

To start......

Crayfish Tail

My housemate went for the Succulent Crayfish Tails served on leaves and topped with marie rose sauce.

True to its name, the crayfish tails were indeed very succulent and fresh!

It has a very subtle sweetness and the lovely marie rose sauce (a bit like tartar sauce/mayonnaise) with a squeeze of lemon juice was just simply delicious!


I had the Local Langoustines with Salad Leaves and Garlic Mayo.

Believe me, it was the largest langoustines that I have ever seen, they were as big as a small lobster!

After cracking the langoustine shell, I extracted the lovely langoustine meat which was triple the size of my thumb!

It was so fresh, succulent and sweet; dipped into the garlic mayonnaise, it was just heavenly!

To follow......

Pan-seared Salmon

I went for the dish on the board - Pan-seared Salmon with a White Wine, Safron and Crayfish Cream Sauce.

The very fresh salmon was perfectly seared. Sweet, meaty fish filled with Omega-3 oil, it was absolutely delicious!

The white wine, saffron and crayfish cream sauce was out of this world! It was so nice that the plate was almost squeaky clean when I was done with my main course.

NB: Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world for a very good reason. It added so much aroma to the sauce.

What looked like a very simple dish was made with much effort and attention to details as it had really well balanced flavours.


My housemate had the Fillet of Seabass Dressed with Japanese Breadcrumbs, Golden Fried and served on Garlic and Lemon Crushed Potatoes with a tomato salsa.

To me, this is a very posh plate of 'fish & chips' (in a good way).

Using Japanese breadcrumbs instead of the usual batter gave the fish a very delicate coating and reduced the risk of having thick floury coating.

The crunchy Japanese breadcrumbs also gave the soft Seabass a different layer of texture.

The salsa with acidic tomatoes and sweet/bitter capsicum nicely complimented the well-cooked Seabass.

Again, the acidic favour coming through the lemon crushed potatoes was just perfect for the fish dish.

10 out of 10 for flavours combination on this dish!

To follow......

Chocolate Fondant

I could not resist chocolate fondant for dessert, so I ordered the Chocolate Fondant with Isle of Skye Puff Candy Ice-cream.

The warm chocolate fondant with liquid chocolate flowing out as soon as I cut into it was very delicious.

The puff candy ice-cream was also very unique, not too sweet (which went well with the sweet fondant) and it has a very nice crunch from the crushed candies!

Creme Brulee

My housemate went for the Homemade Creme Brulee with Butter Shortbread and Strawberry.

What is so special about a Creme Brulee? Well, I must say that it is not easy to make a GOOD Creme Brulee.

This one was very nicely made. Silky smooth cream baked to perfection, even the top was nicely caramelised to give a thin layer of hard caramel.

It was so nice that we could have ordered another one!

Overall, a very nice dining experience. I could not fault the service provided and the excellent food offered in this place! Food made from fresh and good quality ingredients really does make a big difference!

I would definitely come again if I had the opportunity!

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