Monday, 2 April 2012

Braised Chicken Legs with Shallots, Lettuce and Peas

As the title suggests, I have made Braised Chicken with some shallots, little gem lettuce hearts and frozen peas.

Lots of greens and protein served with a little carbohydrate from the creamy mashed potatoes - a very balanced meal indeed!

I have not attempted any recipes from the magazine that I subscribe to for quite a while, but I could not resist it when I came across this wonderful looking dish.

The recipe was taken from the May 2012 issue of deliciousmagazine.


The herbs used in this recipe was Thyme and Tarragon, each a perfect match to the chicken and greens in this dish!

The chicken legs were washed then the knuckle end chopped off then seasoned all over with sea salt and pepper.

Olive oil was heated in a large deep frying pan then the chicken legs were added skin side down to sauté until nicely golden.

Shimmering in Chicken stock

Then Thyme, garlic and chicken stock were added and brought to boil, then partially covered and simmered for 45-50 minutes.

About 10 minutes before the chicken legs were ready, butter was melted in a pan then shallots were added to cook gently until tender and lightly brown.

At this time, the kitchen was filled with the lovely aroma from the caramelising shallots and herby fragrance of the thyme and garlic simmering with the chicken in stock.

Shallots, Lettuce and Peas added

When the chicken legs were ready, they were transferred unto a plate and kept warm with aluminium foil.

Excess fat was skimmed from the surface of the remaining liquid then peas, sugar, tarragon and some more butter were stirred in. The mixture was seasoned with more salt and pepper then simmered for another 5 minutes.

Then the lettuce wedges, shallots and chicken legs were added to the pan and simmered for another 3 minutes until the lettuce and peas were tender and the chicken had heated through.

Braised Chicken with shallots, lettuce and peas

The bitter-sweet, aromatic flavour of thyme flourished in the braised chicken dish. The 'green and grassy' character of anise-flavoured tarragon is not only a classic partner for chicken dishes, its sweet anise flavour with a bitter edge also suits pea, which is sweet enough itself. (The flavour Thesaurus)

Not forgetting the wonderful garlic that heightened the flavour of this savoury dish and the sweet caramelised shallots that bought even more flavours to this dish.

Served with creamy mashed potatoes

A delightful evening meal packed with many wonderful flavours of the greens and herbs bringing out the flavour of the savoury chicken. Served with a nice and hearty creamy mashed potatoes.

I love following a recipe that brings many wonderful flavours together in one dish!

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