Friday, 17 June 2011

Vietnamese and Taiwanese

Yes, we went and had Asian food AGAIN in London. Only because the Asian cuisines are so, so, so nice!

We were shopping, well actually window shopping, in Westfield London Shopping Centre and decided to have some dinner at the foodcourt upstairs. After walking along the foodcourt, we settled for the Vietnamese store - PHO, where the food they served looks enticingly delicious!

Beef Steak and Meatball soup noodles

As with any authentic Vietnamese noodle soup, the beef steak and meatball noodle soup I had was served with fresh mint and lots of beansprouts. The medium-raw steak was left to continue cooking in the hot soup and was absolutely delicious and succulent. The meatballs were also filled with wonderful herb flavours, while not losing it's beefy flavour. The soup was very tasty and sweet, freshened up by the fresh mint. Delicious!

Wok fried noodles with prawns and chicken

The wok fried noodles with prawns and chicken also looked very authentic Vietnamese with its trademark fragrant crushed peanuts and bean sprouts. The sweetness and saltiness of soya sauce complimented well by the sour lime and spiciness of chillies was absolutely amazing and gave lots of flavours to the dish!

Vietnamese rice paper roll

The Vietnamese rice paper roll with prawns, served cold, was also one of my favourite dishes. The rolls were filled with prawns, lots of crunchy lettuce leaves and herbs. Dipped into specially made sauce, the dish was just magnificent!

A wonderful dinner indeed, much better than one would expect in a food court of a shopping mall!

Our trip would not be complete without a lunch visit to the Taiwanese restaurant, Leong's Legend in Leceister Square (see previous post).

Vermicelli in Soup

We have been to this restaurant so many times, and we always order certain dishes like the vermicelli in soup as shown above. The soup is thick and tastes sour from black vinegar, filled with mussels and chopped up pork large intestines, a very delicious dish! Normally, I would say no no NO to internal organs, but this dish is just so nice!

Mussels omelette

One new dish we did try was the mussels omellete. Pan fried like a normal pancake, it was made with eggs, mussels and lots and lots of corn flour! We did not know that they used corn flour until my mom and I visited Taipei last year and asked the food hawker who was cooking it:" what made the omelette so sticky?". Covered with tomato sauce on top before serving, the omelette is just simply delicious!

Bamboo shoot rice

Another new dish we tried was the bamboo shoot rice. It was made of glutinous rice cooked inside a bamboo shoot which gave out fragrance of bamboo and tasted rather salty from the soya sauce.

Spicy stir fried snap beans

We also had the spicy stir fried snap beans which was well cooked and well seasoned. Very nice to go with some cooked with rice.

A rather enjoyable lunch and we would most definitely go again in a next trip to London!

As for a lovely afternoon tea, this time we went to Patisserie Valerie.

Apple Tart

The apple tart was absolutely gorgeous! You can see big pieces of apple; perfectly caramelized; nice and soft; sleepily lying on top of mild custard cream on a very crunchy pastry base. Dessert that is not too sweet and with lots of different textures - mouth-watering!

Black forest Gateau

The black forest gateau was equally heavenly! Layer upon layer of chocolate sponge and fresh cream with black cherries randomly embedded then topped with a chocolate roll, a touch of kirsch liquor and a nice touch of cream. Makes me want to visit Blackforest, Germany one day and try the original black forest cake!

With black cherry pieces

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, the Belgian hot chocolate. Rich and creamy, sweet and chocolaty.

If I must be extremely picky, they did not have marshmallows with the hot chocolate! Haha!

Another satisfactory trip to London, a place that we will visit again, and again!

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