Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lunch in a Lounge

@ Juno Lounge

This cafe restaurant is part of The Loungers group and has branches all over the country.

My friends and I found this cosy place tucked in a little shopping district in Cardiff few years ago and we have since revisited the place several times.

A nice cafe-restaurant with a lovely atmosphere filled with patrons enjoying coffees, relaxing and sometimes it can get really busy with people feasting on their rather magnificent food!

Filled with wooden tables and wooden chairs, when we first entered that place, we noticed that the only menu was written on a huge blackboard right at the back of the cafe. To this date, they are still doing the same, which makes them unique!

Hot Chocolate

Steak with peppercorn sauce

Initially, I wanted to try the 'specials' menu and order 'BEEF steak' but because I mis-read the menu which was actually offering PORK steak, I ended up with a rib-eye steak which was not on the 'specials'. Albeit the tiny error, I thoroughly enjoyed the medium-well done steak with lovely and tasty peppercorn sauce. The steak was nicely done and I was not disappointed at all!

Sauce on steak

Juicy and succulent steak with very nice and earthy portobello mushrooms which complimented the steak very well.

Pan-fried chicken breast on a bed of pesto Gnocchi

My friend had the 'specials' pan-fried chicken breast on a bed of Gnocchi in pesto sauce. Absolutely lovely, tender and succulent chicken breast meat with a buttery sauce filled with herby flavours from the pesto sauce.

With my lovely cup of cafe latte, it was an enjoyable lunch which made a rainy day that much nicer.

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