Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday on a Saturday

The very first Ruby Tuesday in the UK has opened up in Cardiff!

With some anticipation we went to taste the American cuisine on Saturday. After a 45 minutes wait we were seated, the place looks like a bistro, rather contemporary deco.

We started our meal with the Wings Sampler. Followed by main courses that include steak, fish and crab cakes. Then finished off with a New York style cheesecake for our complete American cuisine journey.

Broiled fish with sauteed shrimp in rich parmesan sauce
Crab cake seared to golden brown served with a spicy sauce
Shrimp and Steak served with brocolli
The medium to well-done steak
New York style cheesecake served with raspberry compote

The photos look very good, but sadly, that's where it all ends. We were a bit disappointed with the taste after a long anticipated wait to try this new cuisine in town.  The chicken wings were over-fried and didn't absorb the sauces well into the meat. The sauteed shrimps were still a bit raw. All is not lost as the steak was well cooked to order. Overall, the food was alright but wasn't up to the standard for the asking price.

I must say that my very own home-made NY style vanilla cheesecake looks and tastes much nicer! ;-)

Homemade NY style vanilla cheesecake

NB: This of course brings me to the next post which reminds me of what really good food is all about!- Milan-milan last Easter

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