Monday, 13 August 2012

The Kingham Plough, again!

A little gem found in the countryside within Cotswolds. My friend and I have dined here before in 2011.

We enjoyed our last experience in the Kingham Plough and thought that the food was fantastic where local resources were used and the fresh ingredients well utilised.

Despite recent reviews (on Tripadvisor), some good, lots bad, I decided to bring my parents there based on my previous experience.

This pub/restaurant serves food which is a cross between fine-dining and pub grub. Food you normally find in a pub, carefully decorated like one can find in a fine-dining restaurant.

Outside the Pub

On the table

The tables were presented in a rustic way, like you would find in some of Jamie Oliver's restaurants.


Bread and Butter

Nothing better than nice warm bread with a big spread of creamy butter to start the evening.

For starters.....

Cockle and Sweetcorn Chowder with New Potatoes

We had the cockle and sweetcorn chowder with new potatoes. It came beautifully presented with a pot of fragrant chowder and a colourful array of yellow sweetcorn, green parsley, little cubes of new potatoes and dainty cockles.


The cockles were very fresh and the sweetness of sweetcorn subtlely coming through the light and fresh chowder.

Then for the main course.......

Madgett's Farm Chicken Breast, Sweetcorn and Baconstuffed Leg, Hash Brown and Alan's Stick Beans

The chicken breast was well seasoned, soft and tender with a nice crisp skin. The stuffed chicken leg was really juicy and sweet with a smoky and salty flavour coming from the bacon. I loved the hashbrown made with lots and lots of thin potato strips then fried into a biscuit, giving a very crisp texture!

Poached Cornish Haddock, Smoked Haddock Fritter, Samphire and Butter Sauce

The poached haddock was really fresh and nicely cooked through. The fritter was an absolute delight, fried to perfection with a very tasty batter which gave a nice crisp.

And the star of the night......

Rump of Hereford Beef, Horseradish Butter, Triple Cooked Chips and Daylesford Leave

Rump of Hereford Beef topped with a big round slab of horseradish butter (melting on the hot steak), served with triple cooked chips!


We ordered the steak to be medium-cooked. The chargrilled steak was very juicy, tender, sweet and had a fragrant 'BBQ-smoky' flavour. The rich and creamy butter melting on the steak was just the perfect compliment and one would not need any sauce of any kind to enjoy this steak!

The chips, TRIPLE COOKED CHIPS, were mmmmmmmm.........mmmmmmmmmmm......mmmmmmmm......delicious!

If you have watched Heston Blumenthal cook triple chips on TV before, you will know what I mean.

A super crispy outer layer that goes 'crack, crack, crack' as you take each bite, with a super fluffy and soft inside. This is what I call the most delicious chips you will every try!

We thoroughly enjoyed our food within a light-hearted and relaxed environment!

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