Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dark, Rich, Moist and Smooth......

None other than the Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake!

I wanted to make a cake for my colleagues at work and they all voted for a chocolate based cake!

Pondering which chocolate cake recipe to follow, I came across this one that was highly praised on a blog that I regularly visit. The author loves the cake so much that she made and blogged about it several times!

The Ingredients

As you might have guessed from the name of the cake that this cake will be very rich and heavy as it was baked without using any flour at all.

However, folding in well beaten egg white did lighten up the cake and gave it a lift.

Cake Mixture

Just out of the oven!

The cracks formed on top of the cake simply make it look so invitingly delicious as you can know for sure that the cake will give a slightly crusty texture and you can see the very moist and rich cake beneath the cracks!

Resting and Cooling

Icing sugar dusted

The very moist cake!

Icing sugar dusted, and I am ready for a piece (a very small piece) of that indulgent cake!, moist, intensity of dark cocoa enhanced by almond flavour, with a hint of rum...the cake is so wonderfully delicious!

So rich that it will go very nicely with a nice cup of hot, dark coffee!

Perfect on a cloudy, rainy autumn afternoon.

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