Saturday, 10 September 2011

Stuffed Chicken Breast

I am trying to be adventurous today and decided to cook stuffed chicken breast.

Instead of cooking from recipe, this time I used what experience I had from following recipes and came up with this dish.

Firstly, I diced a few tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese and mixed them all up in a big bowl with grated parmesan cheese and dried thyme before seasoning with salt and pepper. This forms the stuffing which I later added into 2 chicken breasts. Then I seasoned the chicken breasts with more salt and pepper.

Thinking how to keep the chicken breasts juicy and moist having to be roasted in the oven for over an hour, I wrapped them in smoked streaky bacon. This not only kept the chicken juicy, it also added another dimension of flavour to the chicken breasts.

Chicken served with mashed sweet potato and peas

It worked! The chicken breasts came out moist and juicy on the inside and full of flavour from 2 different cheeses, herby thyme and sourness from the tomatoes!

Stuffed with cheeses, tomatoes and thyme

I also made cheesy mashed sweet potatoes to accompany the chicken breasts. With some leftover chicken stuffing, I stir fried them with boiled green peas and served with the chicken.

Cooking can be fun and eating is even more fun!

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