Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Knuckle. Sausage. Beer. (2)

Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany.

A very beautiful city with the famous Koln Dom (Cologne Cathedral) dominating its beautiful skyline!

Koln Dom

On our first night in Cologne, we had dinner at this pub-restaurant near the River Rhine.

Pilsner - beer

The grilled pork knuckle was really nice and had a very crisp, thick skin. Yum yum (just do not think about the cholesterol!). This dish had a twist to it, it was not served with the usual potato, but was served with dumplings, like those we had in Prague!

Grilled Pork Knuckle with dumplings

We also ordered the beef goulash which came with a cake-like bread, also very similar to those we had in Prague!

Both dishes were very nicely cooked and had lots of flavours.

Beef goulash

For lunch the next day, we wandered into another shop selling 'wurst' (sausages).
The nice lady kindly explained to us what was in the various sausages they had in the shop. We learnt that they had pork (called meisterwurst), beef and chicken sausages but they sold out of the traditional bratwurst.

I went for the currywurst - pork sausage diced and served with gravy with curry powder. A very nice dish and the lady even gave us extra portion of chips!

Curry wurst and Kolsch (beer)

A very common way of having bratwurst is in bun and with sauce of your choice. The sausage we had in crunchy bun and tomato ketchup was simple but very delicious!

Bratwurst in bun

Another popular local delicacy that I have not mentioned is the Pretzels! One can find pretzels anywhere in a German city and they offer either hard (biscuit-like) or soft (bun-like) pretzels.

Shop selling pretzels

The pretzel we bought from the shop above was the hard biscuit-like variety. It had lots of almond slices and chocolate on the surface, it has a very nice crunch to it but also very sweet!

Almond and chocolate pretzel

From the same shop, we also had the grilled tomato flavoured bread with lots of olives on top. A very nice breakfast!

Olive on bread

As I have mentioned in the previous post, many places in Germany offer international cuisine, and this time we opted for Italian. The restaurant we went to seemed to be operated by Italians.

Spaghetti Bolognese and pizza

We had spaghetti bolognese and cheese,tomato & salami pizza. Well executed dishes, looked and tasted very similar to Italian dishes we had in our previous Italy trip.

Below are more of the sandwiches we had in Cologne. As you can see, they were made of many different types of breads and had different fillings. All very tasty and balanced!

Ham, salad and egg sandwich
Roast turkey pieces and sun-dried tomato sandwich

In conclusion, Germans do consume a lot of pork, bread and of course BEER!

A very interesting trip and we were stuffed with meat! Time to do some exercise and have a healthier diet!

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